The following photos are of Lorna Borge's spacious professional pet care facility, For Animals' Sake Resort, which is licensed & inspected by the County of Napa and located on her private 11 acre property in beautiful Napa Valley. Lorna's facility location and its open design allows her care of every dog and cat as her extended family to thrive.

The click to enlarge thumbnail photos below (left to right) give a tour of Lorna's complete facility area beginning at its sign marked 1136 Hagen Road entrance at the unique crafted 'Pug Gate', continuing up the main driveway and veering to the right is her personal residence, and continuing straight ahead through the vegetation tunnel is the For Animals' Sake Resort facility entrance to the 'pet cottage' where the main driveway makes a full-circle easy access area for pet arrivals and departures. Continuing forward from the fence-secured pet cottage past related facility buildings and turning left to the access driveway is the spacious kennel area, which includes multiple secure open-air enclosures and temperature (heat & air conditioning) controlled buildings. Continuing a left turn on the access driveway returns to the main driveway. The additional 3 rows of photos show more of the facility's country ambiance and Lorna with some of her extended family.

With every pet's exercise, training, health, happiness, and well-being such an important part of proper care, in 2000 when Lorna established her "no crate accommodations" (no dog or cat crate accommodations unless requested by the pet owner for a medical or other specified reason) pet care facility she made sure it would have the abundant indoor area with outdoor acreage for that proper extended family care, which her For Animals' Sake Resort facility is the result, only the absolute best for your pet!

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